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Issue #43-- Questions From Healthy Eating Tips Readers & Thanksgiving Tips
November 17, 2006

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November 17, 2006 Issue #43


1) Questions From Healthy Eating Tips Readers
2) Thanksgiving Tips
3) Healthy Products and Services

Questons from Healthy Eating Tips Readers

Q: What foods help you lose weight?

A: You need foods that increase your metabolic rate.

Eat lean protein at each meal, such as lean beef, poultry, fish, eggs or beans and grains. This should make up about 40% of your calories for the meal. Avoid high purine protein sources like organ meats, salmon, mackarel and sardines. Also avoid dairy products, even the low fat ones.

Eat unrefined carbohydrates at each meal, like fresh vegetables, root vegetables, whole grains and legumes. This should make up 40% of your calories for the meal.

Keep fats and oils to about 20% of your total calorie intake for the day. Don't totally eliminate fats because your body needs healthy fats, like real butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil.

Eat fewer calories per meal, which means smaller meals, but eat more frequent meals to maintain your blood sugar level.

Stay away from all sugars, refined carbohydrates and friut juices. This includes cookies, cakes, candy, soda (even diet soda), white bread and alcohol.

To have a weight loss program that will work for you and to make sure that you're approaching it in a way that's healthy for you, it really should be customized for your body chemistry. What does your body need? What's in balance and what's out of balance in your body?

The best way to do this is through a hair analysis test. It will tell you, not only what's in and out of balance and what the important nutrient ratios are in your body, but it will also tell you exactly what foods you need to eat and what nutritional support you need to take to move your body chemistry toward the proper balance. The closer your body is to a normal balance, the easier it will be to release the unwanted pounds.

You will also find out what disease tendencies you may have based upon your current nutritional status. You may not have any of the conditions currently, but with this information, you can take action to make sure you don't develop these conditions. Many overweight people develop diabetes and there are many people who have diabetes and don't even know it. Find out more about a customized program for you

Q: What is a practical diet for women in their late 40's to mid 50's?

A: This really depends on your body chemistry. Do you have a fast or slow metabolism? Are your thyroid and adrenal glands functioning normally or are they overactive or underactive? Are your mineral levels in balance or out of balance?

The best way to find out the best diet for you is to have your nutritional program customized to your specific needs. Find out more about customized nutrition and how it can work for you

Send me
your comments or questions about this discussion. I cannot answer each question individually, but I will attempt to address questions in the next newsletter.

Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving here in the USA is right around the corner. Here's a link to the Thanksgiving Healthy Eating Tips I wrote three years ago

You can enjoy Thanksgiving, without the excess sugar and fat. You can have a traditonal Thanksgiving dinner and a healthy dessert too.

Bon appetit!

Healthy Products and Services

Custom Nutrition You are unique, and so are your body's nutritional requirements. Custom nutrition supports your body's unique nutritional needs. If you're buying vitamin supplements off the shelf in the grocery store, a health food store, or even a top quality nutritional program that's all natural, derived from whole foods and is the best the industry has to offer, you may NOT be getting what your body needs. There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to nutritional supplements. Find out how you can get not only your supplements customized to your body's specific needs, but also the specific foods that will give your body the precise nourishment it needs.

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The 2004 Edition of FOOD ADDITIVES: A Shopper's Guide To What's Safe & What's Not lists 800 food additives classified according to safety, whether they may cause allergic reactions and if they are GRAS Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA. New to this edition is information on how to identify genetically modified produce in the grocery store. It's a handy pocket-sized book that you can carry with you when you shop to help you read food labels and make sure the food you're buying has only healthy ingredients. It will help you choose healthy foods when you shop and keep harmful chemicals out of the food you feed your family.

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HEALTHY EATING: For Extremely Busy People Who Don't Have Time For It tells you what's healthy and what's not in a clear, concise and easy-to-use format. It gives you a system so easy to use that you can't help but succeed at eating healthfully. In less than 15 minutes, you will know how to choose healthy food and be on the right track to eating healthfully.

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Healthy Eating Coaching
If you would like personal, one-on-one help to get yourself eating healthfully, I offer healthy eating coaching/nutritional consulting services by telephone. The first session is free. You just have to pay for the call.

To schedule your no charge evaluation, send me an e-mail with NO CHARGE EVALUATION in the subject line. Tell me what your concerns are, what times you are available, and what time zone you're in. I will send you an e-mail with your appointment date and time, and the phone number for you to call.

Written by Christine H. Farlow, D.C.
Your Personal Online Healthy Eating Coach
(c) copyright 2006
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