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Issue #68 -- Omega-3's and Your Health
August 18, 2008

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Omega-3's and Your Health - Issue #68


1) Omega-3's and Your Health
2) Genetically Engineered Sugar on the way to the Grocery Store Shelves
3) Fresh Produce
4) Healthy Products and Services

Omega-3's and Your Health

Omega-3's are vitally important to your health. The average American diet is low in Omega-3's and high in Omega-6's. This imbalance is a major contributing factor to many of the diseases rampant in this country today.

When you decide to add Omega-3's to your diet, it's important to eat the right kind of Omega-3's in the right balance.

The food industry has jumped onto the Omega-3 bandwagon to get their piece of the Omega-3 pie. However, there are a lot of products that have been mislabeled as to their Omega-3 content, thanks to an FDA loophole.

There's a good e-book that explains about Omega-3's in easy-to-understand language so that you can determine for yourself whether foods advertised as Omega-3 rich and heart healthy really do live up to the claims.

The Food Industry's Greed: How Misleading Labeling of Omega-3 Foods Undermines American Health with Lois Smithers gives you the facts. You won't find words in this book that say how you should eat, what to buy or how to shop. What you will read is information that will help you make the best choices possible.


Genetically Engineered Sugar
on the way to the Grocery Store Shelves

GE Sugar from GE sugar beets is scheduled to hit the market this year. One company that plans to use the GE sugar is Kellogg. When asked to not use the GE sugar, Kellogg replied that consumer's don't care if their food is genetically engineered. They obviously haven't been listening to consumer opinion lately.

While it's best to avoid processed foods altogether, if you do eat them, avoid the Kellogg brand.

It's also important to know that there are already genetically engineered ingredients in processed food on the grocery store shelves. In fact about 70% of the processed foods on the market contain GE ingredients.

The ingredients commonly genetically engineered in processed foods are derived from corn, canola, soy and cotton. If you see any ingredients like corn starch, corn gluten, corn oil, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, or any ingredient that contains corn in the name, there is a high probablity that it's genetically engineered. It's also highly likely that the canola oil, soy oil and cottonseed oil on the package are GE as well. All soy ingredients are suspect too. Additives like hydrolyzed soy protein, soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, soy lecithin, soy sauce may all be genetically engineered.

Genetically engineered ingredients are not labeled in the U.S. The only way to be sure that any of these ingredients are not GE is if they are organic.

Here's an article to help make organic foods more affordable for you: How to Shop for Organic Foods Without Breaking Your Budget

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For help checking ingredients in your packaged foods, get a copy of FOOD ADDITIVES: A Shopper's Guide...

Fresh Produce

For vitamin and antioxidant-rich tasty meals and treats, enjoy locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. Farmers markets are overflowing with everything from fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash to peaches, nectarines, apricots, berries and more.

If you can't get organic or it's out of your budget, check the EWG produce list for items with the least amount of pesticides. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the full list of 45 fruits and vegetables ranked according to pesticide load.

Healthy Products and Services

Food Matters is a documentary film informing you on the best choices you can make for you and your family's health. Helping you save time, money and effort. In this day and age with so many companies interested in profiting from your misfortune and ill health this film will help keep your money in your pocket and your health in your hands. Join the World's Leading Authorities on Nutrition and Natural Healing as they uncover the true cause of disease. Find out what really works, what doesn’t and what’s killing you. Click here to watch the trailer and learn more

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Custom Nutrition You are unique, and so are your body's nutritional requirements. Custom nutrition supports your body's unique nutritional needs. If you're buying vitamin supplements off the shelf in the grocery store, a health food store, or even a top quality nutritional program that's all natural, derived from whole foods and is the best the industry has to offer, you may NOT be getting what your body needs. There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to nutritional supplements. Find out how you can get not only your supplements customized to your body's specific needs, but also the specific foods that will give your body the precise nourishment it needs.

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The 2007 Edition of FOOD ADDITIVES: A Shopper's Guide To What's Safe & What's Not lists over 1000 food additives classified according to safety, whether they may cause allergic reactions and if they are GRAS Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA. New to this edition is information on how to identify genetically modified produce in the grocery store. It's a handy pocket-sized book that you can carry with you when you shop to help you read food labels and make sure the food you're buying has only healthy ingredients. It will help you choose healthy foods when you shop and keep harmful chemicals out of the food you feed your family.

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HEALTHY EATING: For Extremely Busy People Who Don't Have Time For It tells you what's healthy and what's not in a clear, concise and easy-to-use format. It gives you a system so easy to use that you can't help but succeed at eating healthfully. In less than 15 minutes, you will know how to choose healthy food and be on the right track to eating healthfully.

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Healthy Eating Coaching
If you would like personal, one-on-one help to get yourself eating healthfully, I offer healthy eating coaching/nutritional consulting services by telephone. The first session is free. You just have to pay for the call.

To schedule your no charge evaluation, send me an e-mail with NO CHARGE EVALUATION in the subject line. Tell me what your concerns are, what times you are available, and what time zone you're in. I will send you an e-mail with your appointment date and time, and the phone number for you to call.

Written by Christine H. Farlow, D.C.
Your Personal Online Healthy Eating Coach
(c) copyright 2008
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