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Issue #001 -- Who's Responsible?
June 18, 2003

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June 18, 2003 - Issue #001


1) McDonalds, Healthy Eating and Obesity
2) Healthy Recipe of the Month
3) Your Healthy Eating Support Group Tip
4) Bonus Healthy Tip
5) Healthy Products You Need To Know About

McDonalds, Healthy Eating and Obesity

I'm sure you've heard the recent news stories about lawsuits against McDonalds and other fast food restaurants for causing obesity and health problems. The claim is that the fast food establishments were deceptive in the posting of the nutritional information about their food, thus causing their consumers to suffer obesity and serious illness as a result of eating the food on a regular basis.

What's the problem here? It's not only with fast food restaurants, it's with the food, drug and cosmetic industry in general. People get their information from the media, from advertisements they see on TV, hear on the radio, see in magazines, newspapers and on the web. What's wrong with that? In the first place, the advertisers are trying to sell a product. Their primary objective is to get you to buy by convincing you that it tastes good, it will make you feel great, give you sex appeal and a whole host of other things that appeal to your emotions. They spend a lot of money developing convincing advertising campaigns.

Do you believe what they tell you? Since you subscribed to this newsletter, you probably don't. The fact of the matter is that in our society today, we need to take responsibility for finding out the facts. The most dangerous place to get information about anything you want to buy, especially food, is from the advertising.

Obesity is a serious problem in this country. There are hundreds of different diets out there. Most people have been on a diet at least once in their life. And most people end up weighing more after they gain the weight back than they did before they went on the diet in the first place. Why does this happen? Well, most of these diets are reduced calorie diets and when you cut your food intake your metabolism slows and your body goes into fat conservation mode. If you stay on the Click here to send an e-mail request for information about a laboratory test that will tell you exactly what is optimal for you.

to send an e-mail request for information about a laboratory test that will tell you exactly what is optimal for you.

Click here to send any comments or questions about this discussion. I cannot answer each question individually, but I will attempt to address questions in the next newsletter.

Healthy Recipe of the Month

Sauteed Greens

1 bunch of fresh kale
1 bunch of fresh chard
1/2 cup coarsely chopped onion
5 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup turnips cut in 1/2" cubes
fresh lemon juice to taste
Celtic sea salt to taste
1/4 cup vegetable water

Saute the onion, garlic and turnips in water or vegetable water, left over from steaming vegetables, in a large skillet or soup pot for about a minute. Add the greens, cover and simmer till the greens and turnips are tender but not overcooked. Add the lemon juice and Celtic salt to taste.

You can substitute any greens for the kale and chard and different nonstarchy vegetables for the turnips. Try different ones for variety.

My family would never eat kale before I made this recipe. Now they love it. Even my patients rave about eating greens this way.

Click here to request information on obtaining Celtic Sea Salt.

Your Healthy Eating Support Group Tip

Eating food or drinking beverages that have been warmed, defrosted or cooked in a microwave oven can be harmful to your health. Read The Proven Dangers of Microwaves and The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking

Bonus Healthy Tip

This in not a healthy eating tip, but it's an important health tip - on an issue that's near and dear to my heart.

Do you have a child or know someone who has a child that has been labeled learning disabled, ADD, ADHD or hyperactive? If so, has your child ever been checked by a developmental optometrist for a need for vision therapy? Many vision problems such as eye movement disorders, binocular dysfunctions, focusing disorders, strabismus, amblyopia, and perceptual-motor dysfunction can be significantly improved through optometric vision therapy. You can read more about this at

This issue came to mind the other day when a friend of mine who has an 8 year old daughter who is having problems reading, getting up out of her desk at school inappropriately and has a short attention span called to thank me for recommending she have her daughter checked for vision therapy. Her daughter has double vision and will be doing a vision therapy program over the summer. My friend had just wished she had taken her daughter for an evaluation when I mentioned it to her instead of waiting for seven months. Her daughter's teacher wanted her to have her daughter put on ritalin, but thankfully she refused.

The reason this issue is near and dear to my heart is because I was fortunate enough to go through a vision therapy program at age 30 before I entered chiropractic college. The changes were phenomenal. I saw colors more brilliantly. I had better depth perception and I saw things I never saw before because my eyes filtered out information it could not process. For example, I used to ride my bike through Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. and one day as I was going through a grove of trees, my stomach got tight and I was feeling very uncomfortable and I wondered why. Then I realized that I was seeing all the tightly clustered trees in the whole grove, not just the few on the edge that I only saw before. When I drove up the street, the sides of the road seemed cluttered with telephone poles and wires that I never noticed before.

If you've never gone through vision therapy, it's really hard to comprehend the changes that take place when a dysfunctional visual system becomes organized and your eyes function as they were meant to.

I firmly believe that many children are misdiagnosed as hyperactive, learning disabled, ADD and ADHD who really have just visual dysfunction and can be helped by vision therapy. A friend of mine from college had a daughter who was classified as learning disabled. I talked her into having her daughter evaluated for vision therapy about 10 or 12 years ago. Her daughter became an honor roll student and is now attending a community college.

I believe all children should be check by a developmental optometrist for visual dysfunction before they enter school. A child has no idea about how things should look. They only know what they have seen. Can you imagine trying to learn to read with double vision?

Healthy Products You Need To Know About

HEALTHY EATING: For Extremely Busy People Who Don't Have Time For It is one of the books I've written that will help you choose healthy foods and transition to healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Written by Christine H. Farlow, D.C.
Your Personal Online Healthy Eating Coach
(c) copyright 2003

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