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Issue #003-- Will It Ever Stop?
August 23, 2003

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August 22, 2003 - Issue #003


1) Will It Ever Stop?
2) Healthy Recipe of the Month
3) Your Healthy Eating Support Group Tip
4) Healthy Products You Need To Know About

Will It Ever Stop?

No it won't, when it comes to the food industry trying to deceive consumers into thinking their new chemical concoctions are healthy. The food industry is famous for putting labels like "Healthy Choice", "All Natural", "No Preservatives", "Healthy", "Real Fruit", and more in an attempt to make the public believe that their overprocessed, chemically-laden foods are good for you.

What is it this time? I'm talking about Fruit-2-0, the zero calorie, fruit flavored water that is guaranteed to have more flavor than soda. It sounds good and many people probably even think it's healthy. It's ingredients are natural fruit essence, pure water and splenda, a sugar-derived zero calorie sweetener.

Let's look at Splenda, aka sucralose, first. It is chlorinated sugar. In pre-approval animal research, it was shown to shrink the thymus gland and enlarge the liver and kidneys. There were no long term studies done to determine if it's safe for human consumption. Although it's not likely that it's as harmful as aspartame, it is not adequately tested and those who consume it are human guinea pigs.

Natural fruit essence is a term used to hide the true ingredients. By definition, "Essence shall be an edible flavouring substance prepared by adding an extract to..." one or more of 19 permitted chemicals, some of which may produce adverse side effects. Who knows how many chemicals are included to make up this "natural" essence? Natural is an unregulated term, so manufacturers can use it any way they want.

So, is there anything good to drink besides just plain water? Most people are probably aware that soda is unhealthy, but what you probably don't know is that soda softens your teeth and it is recommended that you not brush your teeth for an hour after drinking soda because it could damage the enamel.

Juice is healthier, but it also softens your teeth and you should not brush for an hour after drinking it. In fact, I always advise my patients to never drink fruit juice full strength. Always dilute it 50-50 with water. Even fresh vegetable juices should be diluted with at least 1 part water to 2 parts juice.

Other fluids that are healthy to drink include herbal teas, green tea, lemonade made from fresh lemon and sweetened with stevia. But none of these beverages are a substitute for water. There is no substitute for good pure water which should make up the majority of your fluid consumption every day. Your body is composed of 75% water and you need to replace the water your body loses every day through normal body processes, like perspiration and elimination.

My rule of thumb for determining how much water you should drink every day is to take your body weight and divide it by 2. This is the minimum number of ounces of water your body needs.

Your very best and healthiest beverage is just plain, pure, clean water. Not tap water. It should be filtered, reverse osmosis or purified to remove the chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

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Healthy Recipe of the Month

Fresh Fruit Salad

Cut into chunks, any combination of the following fruits: mango, papaya, pear, kiwi, peach, nectarine, banana.

Add grapes, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries.

Use at least 4 or 5 different fruits.

Optional: top with finely grind almonds.

This is tasty and satisfying for a light breakfast or snack.

Your Healthy Eating Support Group Tip

Before you put anything in your mouth, ask yourself:
Is this healthy to eat?
If not, what can I substitute that is healthy that I like?

Do this every day, you'll be eating healthier and healthier with very little effort.

Healthy Products You Need To Know About

FOOD ADDITIVES: A Shopper's Guide To What's Safe & What's Not is one of the books I've written that will help you choose healthy foods when you shop and keep harmful chemicals out of the food you feed your family. If the above link doesn't work, copy into the address line on your browser.

Written by Christine H. Farlow, D.C.
Your Personal Online Healthy Eating Coach
(c) copyright 2003

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