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Genetically Modified Ingredients in Your Food

Genetically modified ingredients are not required to be listed on the labels of packaged foods produced in the U.S. If you buy package food, there is a high likelihood that you are eating genetically engineered ingredients in your food without even knowing it.

Corn and soy are two of the most common crops that are genetically engineered in the USA. Back in 1999, "Consumer Reports shopped at grocery stores throughout the country and bought a variety of processed foods containing corn or soybeans, ingredients most likely to be genetically engineered. None of the foods bought by Consumers Reports were labeled as genetically engineered, but DNA analysis showed genetically engineered ingredients in:

  • Three powdered infant formulas: Enfamil ProSobee, Soy Formula, Similac Isomil Soy Formula, and Nestle Carnation;
  • Alsoy;
  • Several soy burger products, including Boca Burger Chef, Max's Favorite, Morningstar Farms Better 'n Burgers, and Green Giant Harvest Burgers (now called Morningstar Farms Harvest Burgers). McDonald's McVeggie Burgers also showed GE ingredients;
  • Ovaltine Malt powdered beverage mix;
  • Bac-Os Bacon Flavor bits;
  • Bravos Tortilla Chips Nacho Nacho!
  • Old El Paso 12 Taco Shells
  • Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix"

Organic View 1.13 September 14, 1999

The biotech industry is forging ahead and trying to bring more and more genetically modified foods onto the market. So today, the range of foods containing GMOs is in all likelihood quite extensive. And as long as there are no laws requiring the labeling of GMOs on the label, you'll never know whether the packaged foods you buy contain genetically engineered ingredients.

If you buy organic foods, you generally won't be getting GMO food, unless you eat soy. According to Dr. Tim O'Shea, all soy today is GMO, even organic.

The best way to avoid GMO foods is to avoid packaged foods that contain corn and soy ingredients and to eat as much fresh, whole organic food as possible.

Learn more about the hazzards of GMO food:

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