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Healthy Eating

What You Don't Know About The Food
You Eat Could Be Killing You!

Healthy eating is essential to your health and well being. In your great grandparents’ days, healthy eating was easy. Food was grown on nutrient rich soil without herbicides and pesticides. It was whole, natural and unprocessed. Meals, breads and desserts were cooked or baked in the home from scratch, not produced in a laboratory from chemicals not intended for human consumption.

Times have changed!

It’s true. With our fast-paced lifestyles, we don’t have time to devote hours or entire days to preparing healthy meals to nourish our families and ourselves. But are we really doing ourselves a favor by eating highly processed food, laden with sugar, in many forms, and filled with chemicals we can’t pronounce, much less know want they are and what they are doing to our insides?

I grew up on a better-than-average Standard American Diet (SAD). My dad had a large vegetable garden. We had many different fruits growing on trees, bushes and vines in our yard. My mother cooked from scratch. We didn’t have chips, candy and sodas, except on holidays and special occasions. But we did eat white bread, canned vegetables, pasteurized and homogenized dairy products, including processed cheese and ice cream, boxed cereals with sugar added, and desserts and pastries made from white sugar and white flour when my mother baked.

I had a history of frequent fevers and sore throats as a child. I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis in high school. I suffered with ugly acne as a teen and young adult. I went through a period in my 20’s of constant low-grade fevers. Through much of my childhood and young adulthood, I experienced chronic headaches.

While a student at a major mid-western university, I visited the dermatology clinic associated with the university’s medical school for my chronic acne. I was given a prescription for tetracycline to be taken four times a day, which I did religiously, nonstop, for five years! I was advised that as long as I took my tetracycline four times a day, I could eat anything I wanted. Diet was not important! This was my ticket from a better-than-average SAD diet to a full-fledged, bottom-of-the-barrel, SAD diet.

How My Mistakes Made Me A Miracle Worker!

Boy, did I enjoy the sweets – brownies, cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream and candy. I did a lot of baking. I was in heaven! …

For awhile…

That is until I started feeling tired, jittery, digestive upset and just plain lousy. I was going from doctor to doctor, trying to find out what was wrong with me.

Finally a chiropractor I was seeing referred me to a holistic physician who started me on a healthy eating program. This was the beginning of my major health turn-around that led me to do a lot of reading and studying about nutrition and eventually stimulated my interest in becoming a health care professional myself.

My own personal health miracles that came about as a result of converting myself to a healthy diet were the major factors in my personal commitment to healthy eating as a way of life for myself and my family. Because of the profound effect on my personal health and life I now also had a burning passion for teaching and recommending healthy eating to my patients and customers.

With the phenomenal results I have experienced personally and with my patients, many of whom were told by medical doctors to just go home and learn to live with it, I’m so excited, that I just have to share this information with you.

What Healthy Eating Will Do For YOU!

Eating healthy food will help you to:

  • feel great and have lots of energy so you can enjoy life more
  • have a strong immune system so you stay well, even when everyone else is getting sick
  • maintain a healthy weight and look slim and trim and physically fit
  • stay as alert and mentally sharp at 60, 70 and even 80 as you were at 20
  • do the same things at 65 that you did at 20, with the same gusto
  • live to be 100 and be physically fit and active
  • prevent certain diseases known to be a related to diet and nutrition, particularly cancer, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity
The Consequences of NOT Eating Healthy Food

Many people question the importance of healthy eating because they seemed to be fine not eating healthfully for many years. Then all, of a sudden, they don’t feel well, they’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease or cancer or have some other health challenges. They don’t understand it. What happened?

Well, simply put, it’s like this. We’re born with a reserve to protect us against some of the assaults against our body. Think of it as a stack of $100 bills. Over time as we abuse our body, for example, by eating processed foods, junk food, unhealthy food, we spend some of those $100 bills. Eventually, if we continue eating unhealthfully, the whole stack will be gone. That’s when we’ll have big problems. We’re no longer able to get away with the indiscretions that we could when we were younger.

If you’ve already experienced this, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, your stack of $100 bills hasn’t run out yet. But you don’t know when it will. It could be tomorrow. It could be two weeks, or five or 10 years from now. But why take the chance?

Food is your body’s fuel. It gives your body what it needs to function properly.

Some of the things that you could experience if you’re not eating healthfully might include:

  • headaches
  • indigestion
  • depression
  • candida
  • difficulty sleeping
  • poor memory
  • senile dementia
  • anorexia/bulimia
  • dry skin
  • adult acne
  • constipation
  • poor digestion
  • halitosis/bad breath
  • mouth/tongue ulcers
  • menstrual problems
  • diarrhea
  • irritability
  • fatigue
  • polyps
  • diverticulitis
  • gallstones
  • osteoporosis
  • COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • anemia
  • asthma
  • mental illness
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • fibromyalgia
The Secret To Developing Healthy Eating Habits …
Easily And Effortlessly

Beyond Organic

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or hard or time consuming. It doesn’t have to taste bland or distasteful or downright awful. Eating healthfully can be a delightful, taste-tempting, delicious experience … if you just know how.

After working with thousands of patients, trying to get them to eat healthfully and addressing the challenges that they faced in transitioning to healthy eating, I devised a simple program that anyone can use to start eating healthfully … NOW. This program was designed to give you complete control over how you transition to a healthy eating plan. You make the changes at a rate that is comfortable for you. It helps you

  • make healthy changes at your own pace
  • choose what healthy foods you will include and when
  • choose which unhealthy foods you eliminate and when
  • feel satisfied with your healthy food choices, never deprived
  • feel in charge of your healthy eating plan
  • feel successful making gradual changes in your eating habits
  • ultimately arrive at a totally healthy eating lifestyle, without stress or anxiety
  • enjoy eating healthy food
  • eventually prefer eating healthy food because you like it and it tastes good
Healthy Eating Advisor is here to help you uncover the lies, the myths and the misinformation about healthy eating that are preventing you from being healthy.

Take advantage of the resources Healthy Eating Advisor has to help you...

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